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Collection Guides

Collection Guides

Waikato Hospital Order of Draw Tube Guide

Rural Hospitals Order of Draw Tube Guide

Micro Collect Order of Draw Tube Guide

Laboratory Swab Guide

MSU Instructions for Patients

Urine for Cytology

Urine Collection Tubes and Containers Chart

Haemolysed or Clotted Samples

Haemolysed or Clotted Samples - Preventable Causes of Unsuitable Samples

Labelling Requirements Policy

Labelling Requirements Policy

Tube labelling

CSF Tests Available and Applications

CSF tests available and recommended April 2019


FNA Cytology - Patient Information

COVID-19 and Pneumonia Tests Available and Applications

COVID-19 Swabs

Respiratory Virus Swabs - COVID RSV Influenza May 2022

COVID Test Methods 23 March 2022

CT Values for SARS-CoV-2 May 2022

Pneumonia tests available and recommended April 2019

Monkeypox, Measles, and Zika Virus Testing

Monkeypox sample collection guide

Measles Testing Outbreak - May 2016

Guide to Information Required for Zika Requests


Prosthetic Joint Infection Intraoperative Specimens

Blood Bank

Blood Bank Sample Requirements

Tissue Typing Sample Requirements

Other Testing Requirements