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Waikato DHB Laboratories provide a diagnostic service from the Waikato Hospital base in Hamilton, and the rural laboratories situated at Te Kuiti, Taumarunui, Tokoroa and Thames.

Using leading edge technology, the laboratory processes approximately 8 million tests per annum.

Our highly skilled and dedicated workforce provides both routine and specialised testing for Waikato DHB and specialist testing for community laboratories and other DHBs.


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Latest News

Waikato Respiratory Virus Report 2021 Week 39

5 October 2021

Initial COVID outbreak figures shown. RSV undead.

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Waikato Respiratory Virus Report 2021 Week 37

21 September 2021

Four cases of COVID-19 have been found in the Upper Hauraki community, acquired directly from a case who had travelled from Auckland.

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Waikato Respiratory Virus Report 2021 Week 36

14 September 2021

Rhinovirus and Parainfluenzavirus 3 are still circulating despite recent Level 4 and 3 lockdowns.

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