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Laboratory Test Reference Guide

Laboratory Information

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Specimen Collection

Specimen Collection and Transport Protocols

The trough level is the critical one. Most problems are due to under dosing. The recommended sample is one collected within 1 hour before the next scheduled dose (or at steady state, if a continuous infusion is used). In situations where Vd or clearance are very uncertain, an AUC may be estimated from peak and trough levels. Samples are registered as either Pre dose (trough) or Post dose (random). It is the responsibility of the clinician to determine when the sample was collected relative to the dosing.

Adult Specimen

Heparin (light green), SST (gold), "T-" labs SST (gold). Plain (red) for samples referred from Rural Hospitals

Paediatric Specimen

0.4 mL Heparin (light green) or Plain(red).

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Test Availability

Mon - Sun, 24hrs

Laboratory Turnaround Time

3 hrs


Cobas Pro Online

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Reference interval

Trough levels should be 15 - 20 ug/mL for treating S. aureus.

Refer to Vancomycin Monitoring in Waikato DHB Micro Guide (under intranet applications) for further information and guidance regarding dose adjustment.

Uncertainty of measurement


Minimum Volume

0.2 mL plasma or serum.

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