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Laboratory Test Reference Guide

Laboratory Information

Test Name

Synacthen Stimulation

Specimen Collection

Specimen Collection and Transport Protocols

Note that Lab neither supplies the synacthen nor performs the test. Refer queries to MDCU or pharmacy.

Adult Specimen

Heparin (light green), SST (gold)

Paediatric Specimen

0.4ml Heparin (light green) or Plain(red).

Test Information



Test Availability

Mon - Fri, 0800 - 1630 excl. Public Holidays

Additional Information

Short synacthen stimulation test:

30 minutes: "A result ≥ 400 nmol/L suggests adequate adrenal reserve"

60 minutes: "A result ≥ 460 nmol/L suggests adequate adrenal reserve"

In patients taking Estrogen or if pregnant, peak cortisol levels need to be higher to suggest adequate adrenal reserve but a higher cut-off is not well defined. Suggest endocrinology consultation if in doubt.

Minimum Volume

0.2 mL plasma or serum.