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Laboratory Test Reference Guide

Laboratory Information

Test Name

Platelet Aggregation Studies

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Specimen Collection

Pre Testing Requirements

Please book in this test with Coagulation Department, Waikato Hospital (ext 98459). The laboratory must be notified of all patient’s medication for the week prior to analysis.

Specimen Collection and Transport Protocols

Patient must present to Laboratory Outpatients for sample collection. Blood must be collected carefully as activated samples invalidate results.

Adult Specimen

6 x 2.7 mL sodium citrate tubes (light blue) & 1 x EDTA tube

Sample Delivery to Lab

Must be received in the Laboratory within 2 hours of collection. Do not send specimens via Lamson pneumatic tube system. Specimens must be walked to the laboratory.

Test Information



Test Availability

By arrangement with Laboratory

Laboratory Turnaround Time

1 week

Minimum Volume

4 x 2.7 mL sodium citrate tubes (light blue)

Electronic Information

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