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Laboratory Test Reference Guide

Laboratory Information

Test Name



Nucleophosmin (NPM1)

External Price (excl. GST)


Price Comment

$372.00 + GST

Specimen Collection

Pre Testing Requirements

Paired BM and PB samples should ideally be sent for MRD purposes.

Specimen Collection and Transport Protocols

Samples must be received by referral laboratory within 24hrs of collection therefore sample must arrive at Waikato Hospital Laboratory asap after collection for dispatch.

Samples must be received at Waikato Hospital Laboratory by 11AM Thursdays. DO NOT SEND ON FRIDAYS

For samples referred internationally, the Haematology laboratory MUST be contacted prior to collection as international couriers and flights will need to be organised for delivery. For this reason, samples to go overseas should be collected at the start of the week and should never be collected on a Friday.

Please contact the Haematology laboratory on  HaematologyLaboratory@waikatodhb.health.nz with all relevant information.

Adult Specimen

3 x Peripheral blood (EDTA) and 3 x Bone marrow aspirate (EDTA)

Test Information



Test Availability

For optimal results, specimen should arrive at Canterbury Health Laboratories within 24 hours of collection, therefore it must arrive at Health Waikato Laboratory asap after collection and by 11AM Thursdays. DO NOT SEND ON FRIDAYS

Referred Out

NPM1 MRD Type A, B and D sent to CHL 

NPM1 MRD Type C sent to The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne

Referred Test