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Laboratory Test Reference Guide

Laboratory Information

Test Name

Maternal serum screen T2



External Price (excl. GST)


Price Comment

First and second trimester screens are paid for by the Ministry of Health National Screening Unit. The patient is entitled to one or the other. If a fully integrated screen, first trimester, NT plus second trimester is required there is a cost of $190 +

Specimen Collection

Pre Testing Requirements

Second trimester blood test must be taken between 14 and 20 weeks gestation.

 Sample MUST be accompanied by the MOH form, "Antenatal Screening for Down Syndrome ..." (FORM CC6533)

Specimen Collection and Transport Protocols

Separate serum within 4 hours of collection. Freeze serum then send sample frozen.

Adult Specimen

2 x 3ml SST

Sample Delivery to Lab

Freeze serum then send sample frozen

Test Information


Sendaway - Biochemistry

Test Availability

Mon -Fri, 0800-1630

Laboratory Turnaround Time

3 days


Sendaway - Refer to external testing laboratory report

Unit of measurement

Refer to report

Uncertainty of measurement

Refer to report

Additional Information

Referred Out


Form required available from:  http://www.labplus.co.nz/clinical-resources/ads-form/ 

Electronic Information

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