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Foeto-maternal haemorrhage
Fetal-maternal haemorrhage

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Specimen Collection

Pre Testing Requirements

Kleihauer testing is not performed prior to 20 weeks gestation as the fetomaternal volume is sufficiently small to be covered by the standard dose of RhD-Ig.

Adult Specimen

4 mL EDTA tube (purple)

Sample Delivery to Lab

Room temperature

Instructions for Referral to Waikato Lab

Aliquot Transport

Send at 4°C

Test Information



Test Availability

Mon - Sun, 24hrs

Laboratory Turnaround Time

24 hours, 2 hours if urgent

Diagnostic Use Or Instructions

The Kleihauer test gives an indication of the number of Fetal cells in the specimen

This test can be used for determining the amount of fetal-maternal haemorrhage determining the anti-D immunoglobulin requirements for an Rh D negative woman, as part of a haemoglobinopathy study or confirming the fetal origin of a sample.


Dose of Anti-D to prevent Rh(D) alloimmunisation: 0 to 6 ml Rh(D)+ve foetal red cells use one 120 or 125 mgm (600 or 625 IU vial) of anti-D.  If further dosage information is required, please refer to a Transfusion Medicine Specialist.

All positive Kleihaeurs of >2mls and any showing variable staining will be sent to Flow cytometry for confirmation.  Flow cytometry is available Mon-Fri during normal working hours. 



Minimum Volume

1mL EDTA tube (purple)

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