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Laboratory Test Reference Guide

Laboratory Information

Test Name

Malaria (RDT, Pf/Pv)


ICT Malaria Pf/Pv

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Specimen Collection

Pre Testing Requirements

A CBC is an essential component of this test. Please ensure one is ordered at time of collection. Please give full clinical details and list countries visited outside New Zealand.

Adult Specimen

4 mL EDTA tube (purple)

Sample Delivery to Lab

deliver to lab within 1 hr of collection

Instructions for Referral to Waikato Lab

Aliquot Transport

Send at 4°C

Test Information



Test Availability

Mon - Sun, 24hrs

Laboratory Turnaround Time

4 hrs


The test detects circulating P.falciparum (P.f) antigen and a Pan-malarial antigen that is common to all four species of malaria. The test cannot separate P.f mixed infestations. Occasionally, residual antigen may be detected for several days following the elimination of the parasite by anti-malarial treatment. Diagnosis should be made using the results of this test together with the other laboratory and clinical findings.

Electronic Information

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