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Laboratory Test Reference Guide

Laboratory Information

Test Name

H. pylori Faecal Antigen


Helicobacter pylori

Specimen Collection

Pre Testing Requirements

Antimicrobials, proton pump inhibitors and bismuth preparations are known to suppress H. pylori and ingestion of these prior to H. pylori testing (culture, histology, rapid urease, UBT, antigen) may give a false negative result. If a negative result is obtained for a patient ingesting these compounds within two weeks prior to performing the H. pylori faecal antigen test, it may be a false-negative result and the test should be repeated on a new specimen obtained two weeks after discontinuing treatment. A positive result for a patient ingesting these compounds, within two weeks prior to performing the H. pylori faecal antigen test, should be considered accurate.

Specimen Collection and Transport Protocols

A separate sample is required if other faecal tests are also being requested. ie ' C. diff ' or culture for bacterial pathogens.

Adult Specimen

Grape / Walnut size sample of faeces.

Test Information



Laboratory Turnaround Time

Batched. Tested Tuesday


Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA)

Diagnostic Use Or Instructions

Diagnosis and monitoring infection

Additional Information

It is recommended the H.pylori faecal antigen test is performed at least 2 weeks post treatment