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Laboratory Test Reference Guide

Laboratory Information

Test Name

Gentamicin level

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Specimen Collection

Specimen Collection and Transport Protocols

The preferred sample is one collected between 8 and 12 hr post dose (random). Trough levels (within 1 hr before the next dose) or peak levels (1 hr post end of infusion) may be collected at times. Samples will be registered as either “post dose (random)” or “pre dose (trough)”. Please state whether the sample is pre or post dose.

Adult Specimen

Heparin (light green), SST(gold),

Paediatric Specimen

0.2ml Heparin (light green) or Plain(red). Plain (red) for samples referred from Rural Hospitals

Test Information



Test Availability

Mon - Sun, 24hrs


Cobas Pro

Unit of measurement


Reference interval

For adult patients, refer to Microguide, which can be downloaded as an app, or accessed on a PC.

For paediatric patients, please refer to the paediatric guidelines within the Script app. Information about antibiotic recommendations for particular conditions is available on the Starship website https://www.starship.org.nz/health-professionals/

Reference interval Attachments

Uncertainty of measurement

20% at 1.3 ug/mL and 10% at 6.9 ug/mL

Additional Information

Typical levels observed are from 3 to 10ug/mL if dosing is satisfactory.

Minimum Volume

0.1 mL heparin plasma or serum.

Electronic Information

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