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Laboratory Test Reference Guide

Laboratory Information

Test Name

Fragile X gene analysis



External Price (excl. GST)


Specimen Collection

Pre Testing Requirements

1. Diagnostic referrals from Neurology, Paediatrics, Psychiatry or Genetic Health Service NZ.

2. Predictive/carrier testing referrals from Genetic Health Service NZ.

Adult Specimen

4 ml EDTA Whole blood. Do not centrifuge or freeze.

Paediatric Specimen

4 ml EDTA Whole blood. Do not centrifuge or freeze.

Sample Delivery to Lab

Specimen delivery Ambient on day of collection. Refrigerate overnight or weekend then send ambient

Test Information


Sendaway - Cytogenetics

Laboratory Turnaround Time

6 weeks

Uncertainty of measurement

Refer to report

Additional Information

Genetic Health Service NZ contact details click here

LabPlus test information click here

Fragile X after negative microarray test is performed at Wellington Regional Genetics

Referred Out


Minimum Volume

4 ml EDTA. Paediatric 0.5 ml EDTA

Electronic Information

Registration Code

FRAP or (FRAWP Wellington Regional Genetics)

HL7 mapping code