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Laboratory Test Reference Guide

Laboratory Information

Test Name

DIC (Screen)

Constituent Tests

Specimen Collection

Specimen Collection and Transport Protocols

A CBC with platelet count is an essential component of this profile.

Adult Specimen

2.7 mL sodium citrate tube (light blue), 4 mls EDTA whole blood (purple)

Paediatric Specimen

1.8 ml paediatric sodium citrate tube (light blue), 300 uL EDTA microtainer

Instructions for Referral to Waikato Lab

Aliquot Instructions

500uL platelet poor plasma

Aliquot Transport

Send frozen (note ethanol gel cannot be performed on frozen specimens)

Test Information



Test Availability

Mon - Sun, 24hrs

Laboratory Turnaround Time

2 hours

Additional Information

The Ethanol Gel test is performed only if D-Dimer is >1000 mcg/L or if requested.

Electronic Information

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