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Laboratory Test Reference Guide

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Test Name

Candida auris Screen


C. auris

Specimen Collection

Specimen Collection and Transport Protocols

Candida auris 

• Axilla swab (same swab used to swab left and right axilla) 

• Groin swab (same swab used to swab left and right groin) and 

• Urine from catheterised patients 

Samples from these sites if clinically indicated: 

• wounds, 

• sputum or endotracheal secretions 

• cannula entry sites 

Procedures for taking specimens 

• Purple microbiology swabs are used for swab specimens. 

• For swab samples - moisten the swab in saline or sterile transport medium to increase the uptake of organisms 

• Rub the swab over the indicated area several times 

• Send specimens to Microbiology with the request form correctly completed (see sample of microbiology form for Candida auris on page 21) -results will generally be available in three to five days. 

Link Waikato Hospital Laboratory - Swab Guide

Sample Delivery to Lab

Room Temperature.

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Mon - Sun, 0800 - 2400


Chromogenic culture media