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Laboratory Test Reference Guide

Laboratory Information

Test Name

ESBL screen


ESBL screen
CPE screen
Extended-spectrum beta-lactamases
Carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae

Specimen Collection

Specimen Collection and Transport Protocols


• Faecal stools or rectal swab 

Procedure for taking rectal swab 

• Moisten swab by inserting into media at bottom of container. 

• Carefully insert the swab into the rectum to a depth of approximately 1.5 - 2 cm 

• Gently rotate the swab, ensuring some faecal matter is collected. 

• Remove the swab and insert it back into the container – label container. 

• Send the specimens to Microbiology with the request form correctly completed. (see sample of microbiology form for ESBL/VRE on page 19 and 20) ESBL results will generally be available in two to three days.

Link Waikato Hospital Laboratory - Swab Guide

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Mon - Sun, 0800 - 2400


Chromogenic culture media