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Laboratory Test Reference Guide

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Specimen Collection

Specimen Collection and Transport Protocols

Gel tubes are NOT an acceptable sample for this analysis. Only red top or lithium heparin tubes (without gel separators) are acceptable specimens.

Adult Specimen

.Preferred: Lithium Heparin - Non-gel (Green Cap). Acceptable: Serum (Red Cap). 4 mls

Paediatric Specimen

.Preferred: Lithium Heparin - Non-gel (Green Cap). Acceptable: Serum (Red Cap). 2 mls

Instructions for Referral to Waikato Lab

Aliquot Transport

Transport chilled (2 - 8 degrees Celsius)

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Test Availability

Referred to external laboratory.

Additional Information

Levetiracetam is completely absorbed in the gut and the entire dose is cleared by the kidneys. Therefore, plasma levels are reliably predicted by the dose given and the patient’s renal function. Routine therapeutic monitoring is not required. Plasma levels decrease by approximately 60 % during pregnancy, partly due to increased renal clearance.

Samples are referred to Canterbury Health Laboratories for testing; results are available after several days, therefore testing is not helpful when managing toxicity.

Levetiracetam levels may be helpful when suspecting suboptimal compliance or during pregnancy.

Levetiracetam level will not be performed unless a clear indication is noted on the request form. The following comment will be reported with declined requests:

Routine therapeutic monitoring of Levetiracetam is not required. Results are available after several days; therefore testing is not helpful when managing toxicity. Testing may be helpful if suboptimal compliance is suspected or during pregnancy.  If testing is indicated, send an email with the relevant clinical information and the specimen number to: restrictedtest@Waikatodhb.health.nz with "25pax" in the subject box.

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