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Waikato Respiratory Virus 2020 Week 39

29 September 2020

Influenza and RSV seem unlikely to cause seasonal epidemics this year.  

Rhinoviruses have reappeared after an absence during the recent COVID-19 oriented level 2 precautions.

Testing for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) continues at about 400 per day and shows the virus is not circulating in the Waikato.  We have seen a couple of instances where people have tested weakly positive many months after their initial infection.  As the virus has not been circulating here, these are unlikely to be cases of reinfection.

Waikato respiratory virus report 2020 09 29

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Waikato Respiratory Virus Report Week 47

25 November 2020

We’re seeing a wide diversity of respiratory viruses in the Waikato at present and anecdotally increased numbers of children presenting with more severe illness. The traditional Influenza and RSV are still absent.

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Waikato Respiratory Virus 2020 Week 45

9 November 2020

Rhinoviruses, seasonal coronaviruses and adenoviruses are present but Influenza, RSV and SARS-CoV-2 are not circulating in the Waikato. Thank you for continuing to send in swabs for COVID-19 testing.

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Waikato Respiratory Virus 2020 Week 43

27 October 2020

It’s summer season for viruses already and we are seeing just a few rhinovirus and adenovirus.

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