Laboratory Information

Test Name Testosterone
External Price (excl. GST) $21.41

Specimen Collection

Patient Specimen Heparin (light green), SST (gold)
Paediatric Specimen 0.4 mL Heparin (light green) or Plain(red).
Minimum Volume 0.2 mL plasma or serum.

Test Information

Department Biochemistry
Test Availability Mon - Sun, 24hrs
Laboratory Testing Time 3 hrs
Method Cobas 6000 ECLIA
Unit Of Measurement nmol/L
Reference Interval

Adult male :       9 - 30 nmol/L
Adult Female:   < 3.0   nmol/L.

Uncertainty Of Measurement 10%
Additional Information

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Electronic Information

Registration Code TES
HL7Mapping Code $TES
LOINC Code 14913-8