Dengue fever serology

Laboratory Information

Test Name Dengue fever serology
Synonyms Dengue fever virus IgG
Dengue fever virus IgM
Dengue fever virus NS1 antigen

Specimen Collection

Pre Testing Requirements Acute sample should be collected within five days of illness. A convalescent sample is required 10 to 14 days later. Detail of recent travel to endemic areas is required.
Patient Specimen Blood. 5ml Gold tube or 500 uL serum.
Minimum Volume 500uL

Test Information

Department Virology
Test Availability Mon - Fri, 0800 - 1630 excl. Public Holidays
Laboratory Testing Time 1 week
Interpretation Negative, Equivocal or Reactive, with appropriate comment.
Referred Out

Sent to ESR, Wallaceville.  View website.