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COVID-19 testing

Laboratory testing key points - updated 15/04/2020

Latest laboratory specimen collection information can be found here

Waikato Respiratory Virus Report 2020 - Week 7

18 February 2020

We are still in the “summer season”, with very little Influenza, RSV or other viruses circulating.

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Laboratory analyser update

12 February 2020

The laboratory analyser system includes a pre-analytical module (MPA) that streamlines the process by centrifuging specimens, separating them where required, and feeding them into the analysers automatically.

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Blood tube labelling

7 February 2020

As you may be aware, the laboratory is currently undergoing a major analyser upgrade. As a result of this there are some changes required to blood tube labelling.

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Waikato Hospital Laboratory Analyser Upgrade

24 January 2020

Waikato Hospital Biochemistry and Haematology Laboratories are currently undergoing a major analyser upgrade from January 2020. This is a staged process that is expected to take around three months.

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Clinical Update from Pathlab - Sputum Cytology Specimens

12 November 2019

Sputum Cytology Specimens Nov 2019

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Latest News

Waikato Respiratory Virus Report - Week 18

5 May 2020

We have been testing a steady number of patients but found no cases of Influenza, Rhinovirus, RSV or other respiratory viruses over the past month.

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Waikato Respiratory Virius Report 2020 - Week 16

22 April 2020

SARS-CoV-2 is currently uncommon in the Waikato region.

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Waikato Respiratory Virus Report - Week 13

31 March 2020

SARS-CoV-2 detection in the Waikato is still dominated by travel related outbreaks.

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