QA Programme

Waikato DHB Laboratories has produced an external Quality Assurance program for other laboratories since 1993.

In response to demand, the program has expanded to include a wide range of quality assurance for medical laboratory testing and now provides quality assurance to 78 laboratories throughout New Zealand and Australia.

The program delivers an efficient, relevant and competitively priced service, and is recognised by International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ).

 QA Booklet 2015

QA Programme 2017 Contacts

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 Waikato DHB Laboratories offers the following modules:

Biochemistry General

Microbiology Mycology

Biochemistry HbA1c

Microbiology Parasitology

Biochemistry Urine

Microbiology Synovial Fluid

Endocrinology & Tumour Markers

Mycobacteria Microscopy

Faecal Antigen

Occult Blood

Faecal Occult Blood

Point of Care Hb & HbA1c

Foetal Maternal Haemorrhage

Point of Care Glucose

Haematology CBC

Point of Care Pregnancy (HCG)

Haematology Coagulation

Point of Care Urinalysis

Haematology D-dimer


Haematology Morphology

Urine Microscopy

Haematology Reticulocytes


Helicobacter Pylori Faecal Antigen


Immunology Protein Electrophoresis


Immunology Specific Proteins


Microbiology Bacteriology